Simple 👌 Life Hacks for a Flatter 🖐 Belly ...

Simple Life Hacks for a Flatter Belly

Chris Powell talks, on the Dr. Oz show, about simple habits to a flatter belly!

The only tip I did not like, was the salad, as it certainly does not sound or look very tasty.

However, this is my take on the other 3 tips...

1. Oats with Scrambled Eggs

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A super way to fill you up no matter what time of day. Have a big bowl and not feel guilty.

2. 10 Gulps

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A faster and easier way of getting in your water intake, especially when it seems like all of those ounces are taking forever.

3. Exercise

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No more excuses that you cannot work out! Take out 5 to 10 minutes a day and watch that tummy shrink. Chris Powell's wife had 4 babies, now look at her! Maybe every time you stress, do 5 minutes of the exercise automatically.

The above 3 are my favorites. How about you?

Thank you for watching!

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