7 Reasons to Eat Beans for Weight Loss ...


Want to know the countless reasons to eat beans? Beans are not just for Jack and the beanstalk, because you can benefit too! If you are trying to lose weight, beans are a great food because they fill you up, are high in protein and low in calories. Not convinced yet? Well beans can lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. And this is a super substitute for meat to give you high nutritional value without high fat and calories. So will adding beans to your diet help the pounds to melt away? The answer is yes and no. Adding beans will help you when added to a weight loss plan but you must also exercise, along with combining this healthy food to a healthy diet! Ready to find out the reasons to eat beans?

1. Slow to Digest

One of the many reasons to eat beans is that they are slow to digest. so they will keep you from grazing right after a meal. As a result, this will aid in your weight loss plan. If you tend to snack frequently during the day, beans will help to counteract excessive snacking.

High in Fiber
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