8 Kinds of Dance That Help You Lose Weight... ...


When you hear the word “exercise” what comes to mind - laborious cardio routines, painful weight-lifting sessions, sprain-inducing power yoga or intense interval training? Effective as these forms of exercise may be, there’s one thing that’s common about them – they are all so very BORING! But dancing – now that’s a completely different ballgame altogether! It is fun with a capital “F”! That’s one form of exercising you won’t ever see me hiding from or making excuses to shirk. And if you should drop pounds while sashaying across the dance floor…well, so much the better! Here are 8 kinds of dance that help you lose weight.

1. Zumba Dancing

I’m starting with the most popular dance form of the modern society – Zumba. It’s not a dance really but rather an aerobic fitness program that incorporates dance moves set to upbeat Latin music. Created by Boto Perez – a dancer and choreographer based in Miami - the term “Zumba” comes from a Columbian word that means “to move swiftly and have fun”, which is precisely what you do here. Have loads of fun and lose weight.

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