Is Intuitive Eating the Smarter Way to Lose Weight?

If you are someone who likes to keep on top of all the newest and best diet trends and fads that pop up across the course of a year, then it’s likely that you have at least seen or heard the phrase ‘intuitive eating’ at some point recently. It is being touted as the next big thing in sustainable and successful dieting, with many people saying that is one of the smartest ways to lose weight. If you are are looking for a new method to try, then here is some information about intuitive eating for weight loss.

1. What is Intuitive Eating?

Developed by Evelyn Tribole, intuitive eating is a philosophy that rejects the normal restriction and deprivation techniques of old diets and instead encourages you to get in touch with your mind and body, asking you to ascertain how hungry you and how satisfied you are at any given moment. It includes principles like respecting your fullness, honouring your hunger, making peace with food, discovering satisfaction in healthy alternatives, respecting your body, and exercising to feel the difference.