7 Incredible Real Life Weight Loss Stories That Show You Anything is Possible ...


Sometimes all it takes are real life weight loss stories to inspire you that anything is possible. With hard work, dedication and a lot of sweat, you can achieve all of your weight loss goals. As a certified trainer, I am thankful to have had the opportunity to transform countless lives and now I am here to inspire you by doing what I love to do: helping others get fit. Here are some real life weight loss stories that will inspire you:

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Adjusting College Student

I received a call from a college student prior to her summer break; she was in dire need of help to lose 30 pounds over the summer. Adjusting to college life and late night meals had caused her to gain excess weight. With a summer of dedication, my guidance and small modifications to her eating, she lost 25 pounds in less than three months. With just 5 more pounds to her goal, she returned to school with one of the greatest real life weight loss stories because she learned how to choose food wisely at college, get into a fitness routine and pursue her goals!


Underage and Determined

A young girl of just 13 years old sent me a message asking for help. She had to lose 20 pounds to be at a normal weight, per the guidance of her physician. Her mother was on board and willing to revamp their eating but she needed an extra push. I met with her for just one day per week and guided her to achieve her goal. The results were amazing! She lost 23 pounds, changed her outlook on eating healthy and became so confident that her demeanor changed!


Midlife Bulge

With the midlife bulge, a client contacted me frustrated with herself but determined to not give up. I helped her get on a regular exercise schedule of 4 days of exercise per week and better food choices. The results that she earned were amazing! She lost her midlife bulge, toned her body and even changed her entire wardrobe from baggy clothes to clothes that skimmed her body!


Midlife Marathon

Just when she tried every exercise program and nothing seemed to interest her, a woman contacted me to join my Bootcamp. From the first day she was hooked and nothing seemed to stop her in achieving any fitness milestone. In just a year she lost 20 pounds and changed her life. She went from a non-runner to a successful runner, and just ran her first marathon. Now that is an inspiration!


Prom Beauty

A client contacted me interested in having me train her daughter to get sculpted and in better shape for her prom. With the prom approaching in just 3 months’ time, I worked to help this client tone, strengthen and lose weight. The results were incredible because she completely transformed her body and she looked amazing! And her prom pictures showed a completely confident prom beauty!


New Fit Mama

The new mama of a 3 month old child contacted me, ready to reclaim her pre-baby body but not sure how to achieve this. Within six months, I worked with her to tighten her abs, and get back to where she once was. But she did not stop after achieving just this, she continued to exercise independently and was able to get back into her high school jeans. Now that is amazing!


In Love but out of Shape

Being in love is amazing but often we tend to get comfortable and sometimes even out of shape. A client contacted me because in her 2 years of marriage, she managed to put on a whopping 25 pounds. With many dinners out and late night hours working, exercise seemed to be the last thing on her list of priorities. But with early morning training sessions and my continual guidance, she managed to lose 25 pounds in just 4 and half months, and she looked amazing. She then recruited her husband to exercise with her and they now both embody a healthier lifestyle. Isn’t it true that a couple who exercises together stays together?

Hope these weight loss stories have inspired you to get in better shape. With hard work, dedication and determination, anything is possible! Are you ready to lose weight and transform your life?

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Tara, where are you located and how can I contact you!

yes. yes i am ready to change my life. thank you

one more person added in ur list so waiting for ur further detsils...!

you could lose a lot more than thie:( It's possible to loose 20 pounds in a month?

Me too!!

I'm wondering the same. would love your help!

I'd like to know how to get in contact with you and getting a push to the healthy life :)

I've been overweight all of my life and with the college years now over for me, I can finally set my mind and commit myself to a healthier and happier lifestyle. however I have no clue where to start some tips and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

yes I am ready can you please help !!!!!

Tara, quick question. How much would you charge for your assistance in weight loss?

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