Walk Your Way to Weight Loss ...


Walk Your Way to Weight Loss ...
Walk Your Way to Weight Loss ...

Want to know how to walk your way to weight loss? I found a success story in the Prevention.com weight loss section about Taneisha Marks, age 40, of Southfield, Michigan. With her height being 5'4", her heaviest weight was 324 pounds. Simply by getting rid of her junk food to then walking into a store and by chance, purchasing a Leslie Sansone Walk Away The Pounds DVD, she walked off 149 pounds! I have a small testimony myself...I stopped drinking Diet Pepsi and started walking with Leslie and lost 40 pounds. I now have a whole library of her DVDs. Motivated yet? Want to know how to walk your way to weight loss?

What is Walk Away The Pounds you ask? A woman known as Leslie Sansone from Pittsburgh, PA, taught aerobics classes in a church hall back in 1979 to the 80's. A member was going on vacation and wanted a workout taped so as not want to miss the aerobics workouts. Also, on a fall day, Leslie was driving and saw happy people walking along the road with the falling leaves. So, Leslie had a brainstorm! Put the two together and voila! In-home walking! Well, I guess you could say Leslie was discovered!

Unless you have a disability, walking is easy, effective and the best medicine. Are you uncoordinated? There are no complicated poses or choreography. You just walk, walk, walk. On one of my DVDs, Leslie states that in-home walking is better than doing sit-ups!

Fifteen minutes of in-home walking is about equal to one mile. Her walks are effective as the music keeps you at a good speed to get results! You can expect to burn 100 to 125 calories per mile!

Walk Away the Pounds is easy for any schedule and any level of fitness. On some DVDs, you can use small hand weights and resistance bands. Just walk into your living room or bedroom, turn on a workout and do it! No complaining that it is raining, snowing, etc. Too embarrassed by what your body looks like? Nobody can see you!

I'm just now getting to the juicy parts...

Leslie is the author of three very motivating books. For reviews before buying or loaning from the library, check out the following links:

Walk Away The Pounds

Eat Smart Walk Strong

Walking The Walk

Want to get started walking, like now? Check out her YouTube channel and subscribe! Tons of videos!


Leslie is hilarious and talks through the entire videos. Makes one wonder how she can do both at the same time! She leaves these three things for we "Sisters In Sweat" (as she so affectionately calls the ladies) to do: wear comfortable and supportive shoes, drink water and get off the couch!

If you are already a seasoned in-home walker, why not take certification classes to teach in-home walking in your community? Go to:


Would you like to buy some really cool in-home walking gear? Go to:


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Still not sold? I close with the following FurtherFood.com article link offering 25 more success stories of Walk Away The Pounds:









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