Lazy Girls Guide πŸ“– to Lose Weight βš– without Leaving the Couch πŸ›‹ ...

Everyone, especially couch potatoes, should find the time to work out. If you don't, then your body could end up suffering in the long run. It doesn't matter if you're busy binge watching a TV show on Netflix, because you can take a break in between episodes to exercise. Or, if you're watching live television, you can exercise during those pesky commercial breaks. You don't even have to move from your spot. Here are a few ways to lose weight without leaving the couch:

1. Couch Climbers

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This exercise requires you to get off of your couch and stand in front of it. While facing it, put your hands on the cushions. Now, you should place one foot forward and one foot back. While leaving your hands in the same position, you should jump your legs back and fourth. That's the entire exercise! Easy, huh?

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