7 Helpful Tips on Staying Positive through Weight Loss Plateaus ...


Need help staying positive through weight loss plateau? I think we’ve all been there, where we work super hard but the scale just won’t budge. It can be frustrating but there is much more to a healthy body than just a number on the scale! While we might get fixated on reaching a certain weight, there are lots of other signs that we are getting fitter and firmer! Allow me to show you some tips on staying positive through weight loss plateau so you can stay motivated and keep moving forward!

1. Look at Your Clothes

Staying positive through weight loss plateau is hard,, but look around you. I bet there are many signs that your body is giving you that you’re losing weight but you just don’t see them! How are your clothes fitting you lately? Do your tops feel a little looser? Are your jeans getting bigger in the waist or thigh area? Losing inches is just as great as, if not greater than losing pounds!

Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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