7 Fun Ways to Beat Holiday Weight Gain ...


Have you pondered the ways to beat holiday weight gain this year since it is usually a reoccurring problem? If this is how you are feeling, I am totally with you on this. Between holiday office parties, banquets, holiday gatherings and all the festive cooking in between, for most, a five pound weight gain becomes inevitable. And who wants to be on a diet over the holidays, definitely not me! It would be hard to be at a holiday office party noshing on just celery sticks all night. So what’s a girl (or guy) to do? Minor modifications and extra activity are the most effective ways to beat holiday weight gain.

1. Make Every Fitness Moment Count

Rather than warming your chair at the office party all night and overindulging on food, get up and get moving by dancing the night away. By getting up and dancing you will help to break the ice at the party and burn some extra calories. Also staring at a plate of food and dessert is a recipe for weight gain. So have a light meal, like a salad and some chicken and get up and get grooving. By using every fitness move when possible is one of the best ways to beat holiday weight gain.

Use Your Housework to Burn Mega Calories
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