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Mind Blowing Video for Effortless Tricks to Lose Weight ...

By Leiann

Want some effortless tricks to losing weight? You're in the right place. All that is required is to change your habits! Sure, eating right and exercising more is a common way, but have you heard of some of these? A few are common sense, such as taking the stairs, going walking and doing strength training. However, there are some that you just may not have heard about...wait until you hear about bath time! In a YouTube video, published on April 17, 2017, by Bright Side, you can learn right away and get the amazing habits into practice, right away! Here are some great effortless tricks to losing weight.

Table of contents:

  1. Breathe
  2. Eat more veggies
  3. Watch your posture
  4. Spice things up
  5. Blot the grease
  6. Hang up a mirror
  7. Use the stairs
  8. Break out the weights
  9. Drink more water
  10. Go for a walk
  11. Stretch
  12. Get new dishes
  13. Slow down
  14. Stand up
  15. Take a hot bath

1 Breathe

Breathe deeply as it lowers your cortisol levels, a stress hormone known for causing belly fat, the most dangerous fat.

2 Eat More Veggies

Eat vegetables for breakfast. Breakfast provides 25% of your energy needs. Vegetables will help you feel fuller and are low in calories.

3 Watch Your Posture

Sit up straight! This also reduces cortisol levels and requires more energy than you think.

4 Spice Things up

Eat spicy food. It contains capsaicin, which speeds up the fat-burning process.

5 Blot the Grease

Remove fat on pizza, chicken and fries with a paper towel. Do this if you just cannot give up your fried food.

6 Hang up a Mirror

Eat in front of a mirror. This has been proven to make you consume less food when watching yourself.

7 Use the Stairs

Climbing 2 floors a day can help you lose 6 pounds per year.

8 Break out the Weights

Take up strength training to boost metabolism and lean muscle mass.

9 Drink More Water

Drink water before each meal. This makes you feel fuller and prohibits binge eating.

10 Go for a Walk

Walk more to burn calories and build muscle.

11 Stretch

This makes you more flexible so you are able to do various exercises.

12 Get New Dishes

Use a small plate. This tricks your brain into thinking you're eating more.

13 Slow down

Eat slowly so you can tell you're full before you overdo it.

14 Stand up

Stand while waiting. This burns 50 calories more per hour than if you were sitting.

15 Take a Hot Bath

This burns as many calories as a 30-minute walk!

So, all in all, not that boring, huh? Small things add up. Do a little here and there and watch the weight come off. A little motivation for you girls that are struggling! Get started today!

Which tricks are YOU going to use?

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