The 10 Best Teas to Include in Your Weight Loss Plan ...


The 10 Best Teas to Include in Your Weight Loss Plan ...
The 10 Best Teas to Include in Your Weight Loss Plan ...

Do you want to know which are the best teas to include in your weight loss plan? When it comes to losing weight, there is enough advice available online about the types of foods you should be eating and the type of exercises you should be doing to last you a lifetime of reading. The weight loss advice and support communities some of the biggest online, especially in the female-dominated spaces. But something I have noticed doesn’t get quite as much attention as it deserves is the impact that tea can have on your weight loss journey. Sure, we’re not talking a milky, sugary cup with a biscuit on the side for dunking, but the truth is that there are plenty of varieties of teas out there that boast different and interesting properties when it comes to weight loss. Here are ten of the best teas to include in your weight loss plan.

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White Tea

White tea should be the first name on your weight loss plan sheet because it actually helps to break down fat cells! Breaking down these cells means that it is harder for your body to accumulate fatty tissue. White tea is definitely one of the best teas to include in your weight loss plan.


Green Tea

We all know about the different health benefits of the world-famous green tea, and one that we particularly like is that the tea’s combination of ECGC and caffeine can really rev your weight loss. It has slightly less caffeine than black tea, which also means that it won’t affect your sleep.


Yerba Mate Tea

This tea comes from the twigs and leaves of the yerba mate plant from South America, and recent studies have shown that the tea can actually be effective in helping to lower your blood sugar.


Oolong Tea

Oolong is a partially oxidized tea that makes for a bold but smooth taste, and the best part is that it can help to boost your body’s ability to metabolize fats, leading to healthier cholesterol.


Black Tea

Black tea is probably the most popular type of tea around the world, and it has actually been shown to be protective against things like diabetes and can help with weight loss, thanks to its ability to block fat absorption during digestion.


Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea not only smells and tastes delicious, but it also known as being a really effective appetite suppressant, meaning that it can quash some of those cravings that you might get between meals.


Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is absolutely packed full of ECGC, delivering a staggering 137 times more metabolism revving power than green tea! The taste is a bit of an acquired one, but it’s so good for you!


Ginger Tea

Ginger can give your taste buds a needed boost when you are on a bland diet, and it can also help to suppress your appetite and increase your feelings of satiety.


Fennel Tea

Fennel tea works to increase the levels of melatonin in your body, which is a hormone that helps you to sleep well at night. If you maintain a good sleeping pattern, you will be much more likely to succeed in your weight loss journey.


Chamomile Tea

When you are starting out on a weight loss journey, your mind can be filled with a lot of anxiety about the future and about your success, which makes chamomile a good go-to tea because it can help with reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. It will provide your nervous system with a pleasant soothing feeling, and help to keep your anxiety at as low a level as possible as you continue your journey to greater fitness and health.

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