9 Easy Ways to Tone Upper Thighs ...


9 Easy Ways to Tone Upper Thighs ...
9 Easy Ways to Tone Upper Thighs ...

There are lots of ways to tone upper thighs, exercises and techniques you can do during your workout or even while you're busy doing something else. First, you have to think about why you're interested in toning upper thighs. That is, do you want smaller thighs, or do you just want yours to be firm and taut while retaining their current shape? It all comes down to you, and these tips will help you know matter what! You'll just have to adjust workout times, repetitions, and things like that, so they best suit your needs. But before all that, take a look at how you can easily achieve toned upper thighs!

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Wall Squats

Squats are some of the best ways to tone upper thighs and, as you'll see, there are a number of variations. Wall squats can easily be done anywhere: your home, the gym, and even the office. All you do is make sure that you're leaning against the wall, from your head down to your butt. Your feet should be angled about a foot and a half in front of you. Keep your knees apart, then simply slide down until it looks like your sitting in a chair. The key here is holding steady for about half a minute. Then you just return your starting position and repeat! Ideally, you should do this exercise about 5 minutes each day, but you'll need to work up to that point.


Regular Squats

Doing wall squats will definitely help you work up to regular squats as well. Done without the use of any aids, this exercise is a fantastic way to tone upper thighs. Your feet need to be spread wide, so they're even with your shoulders. You basically bend down into a squatting position, so your knees are at 90 degree angles. After holding that position for 30 seconds, you want to jump upright, with a soft land; your knees should stay bent. Again, a 5 minute workout is ideal.



Lunges are incredibly simple, but they'll do wonders for your thighs. You can definitely do these anywhere, especially when you're feeling sluggish in the middle of the day. Begin with your feet spread slightly and place your hands on your hips. Then, take one step forward, and make it big! You can begin with your left or your right leg, it's up to you. For the purposes of this, let's say you begin with your right leg. That thigh should run parallel to the floor with your knee upright. Your left leg in the back should bend so that it's balanced on your toe. Holding position, take another step forward, so this time your left leg is out in front. Do this 8 times for each leg and work your way up until you can manage between 20-24.


Leg Circles

This is one of my favorite ways to tone upper thighs, because if you're in the middle of a workout, you get to lie back and (theoretically) rest a while. You do indeed begin on your back, preferably on a yoga mat or something soft. Keep your arms down, with your palms against the floor. Begin by pointing the toes on your right foot and lift that leg, rotating it outward just a bit. Trace circles, but don't move your hips, just your leg. First make circles in a clockwise motion, then go counter-clockwise. After that, switch legs. Try to do this 5 times for each leg.


Stair Climbers

Stair climbers are great for toning upper thighs, and they're easy. You can, of course, go to the gym and work on a stair climbing machine, but that's not necessary. If you have stairs in your home, your building, in your office, or on your porch, you're good to go. With this technique, you actually want to stand in a sideways position and scissor your legs as you climb. Start out slow, not just to build endurance but so you won't trip! With this variation on the technique, try one flight of stairs for both your left and right legs; once you get to the bottom, just turn around and start up again.


Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are awesome, simple, and incredibly easy. Keep the mat you used for the leg circles, but this time, lie down on your side. Prop your elbow on the mat and your head in your hand. Once you're comfortable and breathing deeply, lift your leg and stretch it toward the ceiling. Lower it slowly and resume your starting position. You should repeat this move about ten times, then switch sides. Again, a very simple exercise, but it's very effective.


Walking, Jogging, or Running

Some of the best ways to tone upper thighs are the simplest, as you can see. Simply going for a walk really works your upper thighs. Power walking is even better, because you're giving them more of a workout. If you jog or run already, you're doing your thighs a world of good. Whichever exercise you choose, make sure your shoes give you full support, because that's just as important as the actual activity.


Leg Extensions

Still have that mat handy? Awesome! Like I said, toning upper thigh muscles doesn't really require a lot of effort, but this exercise will definitely make your muscles sing. You need to lie down again, this time on your belly. Keep your legs straight as they extend behind you. With this exercise, you'll lift up both of your legs, just as high as you can. Hold that pose for a 5 count to start; you might try a 10 count later. Slowly lower your legs to your former position, give them a little rest, and then repeat. Generally, 10 reps are good to start, but try to work your way up to 20.



Riding your bike is an excellent way to get firm, toned thighs. It's fun, it's easy, and you can do it with your special someone, your friends, or your kids. If you have a 10-speed, even better. Start out biking up slow hills with as much resistance as you can handle. Later, try larger hills. You might even get into mountain biking eventually! If not, not worries – a leisurely trip around the neighborhood is good, too! And yes, stationary bikes count as well!

As you can see, there are various ways to tone upper thighs. It really all comes down to what you want to do the most. Remember, thick thighs are just as beautiful and sexy as slender ones, especially when they're toned and firm. Love your body and do these exercises solely for yourself! How do you go about toning upper thigh muscles, do you stick to gym equipment or do you prefer exercises you can do at home?

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