7 Weirdest Workouts Ever ...


7 Weirdest Workouts Ever ...
7 Weirdest Workouts Ever ...

Spinning, yoga and running are all normal ways to stay healthy, but have you ever considered trying one of the weirdest workouts ever? You may be wondering: what are those workouts, exactly? For some obscure ways to stay fit and avoid gym boredom throughout the New Year, here's a rundown of the 7 weirdest workouts ever!

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Trampoline Workouts

Want to bounce your way into a size 6? It's possible with trampoline fitness classes! While definitely one of the weirdest workouts ever, the low-impact exercise is easy on your joints while still working your legs and burning calories fast. Plus, revisiting your bounce house birthday party years doesn't really feel like a workout, does it?


The X-Rated Workout

You've probably had the stripper pole fantasy (or maybe your guy has) but have you ever considered actually playing the part yourself? A combination of dance and gymnastics, pole dancing increases strength, flexibility and endurance. Not only will you look sexier, you'll feel that way too! A lot of gyms offer pole dance classes... call your gym and see if they have room for one more!


Circus Workout

Want to learn how to fly? By giving a trapeze workout a try, you'll come pretty darn close to the Peter Pan lifestyle. Besides teaching timing, control and grace, trapeze workouts tone your core and upper body. The costume, of course, is optional, and will cost extra, but the safety net is free. Doesn't this sound like fun?


Upside down Yoga

It may look like relaxing in a hammock, but anti-gravity yoga is no vacation! Fusing multiple forms of yoga together while manipulating physics, anti-gravity yoga suspends a person above the ground and adds techniques from dance, Pilates and calisthenics together for a full body workout. I really want to try this one!


Surf's up

Get a ripped surfer body without letting sea salt damage your hair. Using the RipSurferX machine, either in a class or by yourself, you'll get a real surfer's workout. By mimicking the same motions used on the water, results include toned abs, improved balance, and strong arms. You'll get a bikini body while actually wearing a bikini! Then, in the summer, try your moves by surfing in real life. Don't forget the sunblock!


Oven Yoga

Ever thought what doing yoga would be like… in an oven? Well, now you can! Bikram Yoga, practiced in a room heated to 105°F, is super popular, but also (you guessed it!) super hot. Running for 90 minutes, sessions consists of a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises—plus a whole lot of sweat. Whew! Want an idea of what Oven Yoga is like? Check out this hilarious "ad" on Craigslist! It's so funny... but is it accurate? There's only one way to find out...


Shake Stand

For a dynamite workout that will really shake you up, try standing on a Power Plate. The vibrating disc helps tone muscles fast—all from atop a single platform. By activating muscle contractions between 25 and 50 times per second, these plates turn any workout into a heart pumping, fat burning spree. It's supposed to be really good for working your core, too!

Which of these weird workouts would you try, or have you tried one of these weird workouts already? Or better yet, have you found one that's even weirder? Comment below and let me know!

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#6 sounds terrible! :) I would not want to try that. Strip tease dancing class, however, was fun, went once, but never had the courage to perform it in front of my hubby.

"Oven yoga" is amazing!!!!! It was the first form of yoga I have ever tried. However, where I live, they do not have any studios, and I have tried regular yoga and it just isn't as good!

I have always wanted to try pole dance classes haha.

Trampoline workouts are the best workouts.

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