7 Clever 💡 Ways to Lose Weight ⚖️ You've Never 🛑 Tried before ...

To lose weight it seems pretty simple; eat healthy, exercise and become consistent as this, right? It is back to the basics and something we often over think because of the countless contradicting diets we hear about. But are there clever ways to lose weight, things you have never tried? And I am not talking about specific diet plans but rather tips that can motivate you to stack on track and weight loss tools of the trade. These tools can help you to break that weight plateau you have been stuck at embrace a new lifestyle. So check out these clever ways to lose weight and get ready to transform your life!

1. Write Yourself Notes

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Instead of waiting for someone to write you notes, write yourself notes. I do not mean love notes but notes of motivation throughout the house. If you live alone this is much easier to do. Put a note inside your pantry stating you are what you eat. Put a note on your mirror stating you deserve to achieve fitness and health greatness. And wherever else you need a little extra motivation to help you stay on track!

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