7 Celebrity Weight Loss Tips We Can All Benefit from ...


I’m truly not into fad diet schemes at all, especially when they are endorsed by celebs, but if you’re going to look to Hollywood for diet tricks, turn to these celebrity weight loss tips which are actually smart and helpful. Whatever you do, be sure you’re not skipping meals, going on a crazy cleanse, buying pills, or eating diet foods in place of real food. Aside from that, if you look for some healthy role models for weight loss in Hollywood, I've got some great tips here! Check out my picks for the best celebrity weight loss tips. These stars have the right ways to keep you looking slim the smart way.

1. Moderate

One of the best celebrity weight loss tips out there is from Katy Perry, who practices moderate dieting, not hard core anything. She sticks to a diet of lean protein, veggies and healthy carbs when she’s watching her weight and exercises several times a week, but doesn’t go crazy. She is also not afraid to indulge in her favorite comfort foods on occasion either. Practice moderation when dieting so you don’t go crazy. You’ll still lose weight, and keep your sanity too!

Get Rid of Refined Carbs
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