10 Weight Loss Rules ⚖️ to Keep You Fit 💪🏼 for Good ...


Once you’ve reached your weight loss goal, it can be tempting to go back to your old ways. The problem with that is that you won’t stay at your goal weight by reverting to bad habits. Weight loss is way of life and you’re going to have to stick with your healthy changes or you’ll just wind up right back where you started. Wondering how people lose all the weight and keep it off for good? They live by these rules.

1. Keep Calories in Check

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Losing weight involves burning more calories than you consume. Maintaining a healthy weight means balancing calories in with calories out so that you burn what you eat. To do that, you’ll have to keep a handle on what you put into your mouth every single day for the rest of your life. It might sound like a lot of work, but it becomes second nature in no time.

Build Activity into Your Daily Routine
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