9 Ways to Tweak Your Diet to Lose Weight ...


Instead of changing your entire diet to lose weight, wouldn't you rather just find ways to tweak your diet?

Making simple swaps can mean the difference between gaining or losing a few extra pounds.

Adding some of these tweaks to your diet can help you lose weight without even trying!

Follow these ways to tweak your diet for a fast and easy way to kick start your weight loss!

1. Before Meals...

First up is one of the easiest ways to tweak your diet...before you even eat!

Before having a meal, drink a large glass of water and start with a garden salad with a light dressing.

The water and salad will help you to feel fuller faster during your meal and will cause you to not eat as much as you normally would.

This way you don't feel deprived that you had to eat less of your meal, you feel full and satisfied!

Plus it helps to add more greens to your diet, which is never a bad thing!

Ditch White Bread
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