7 Ways to Try an Investigative Approach to Weight Loss ...


Live life like a detective, or at least when it comes to shedding your excess pounds, by taking an investigative approach to weight loss.

Analyze when you eat, how much and how often to decide if you are doing what it takes to lose weight and achieve your goals.

Focus on key factors of weight loss like consistency and if you are putting in enough effort.

And get going to work hard and achieve incredible weight loss results!

1. Analyze Your Diet

Analyze Your Diet

If you want to lose weight and see incredible results, you need to eat clean.

Create your own healthy dishes rather than ordering out.

Eliminate processed food and eat healthy on a daily basis.

This will help you to reflect all your efforts in your exercise!

2. Focus on when You Eat

Focus on when You Eat

If you graze in the morning and gorge at night, it is no wonder you are in a weight loss struggle.

To lose weight you need to eat small meals throughout the day and shut the kitchen 3-4 hours prior to bedtime.

This will allow ample time for digestion and help you to see sensational weight loss results!

3. Identify How Much You Eat

Identify How Much You Eat

If you eat larger meals throughout the day, ignoring portion control, you should not be surprised if you struggle in your weight loss efforts.

Overeating can increase the size of your stomach and wreck havoc on your weight loss.2

So stick to eating small mini meals regularly!

4. How Often do You Weigh in?

How Often do You Weigh in?

If you weigh in on a daily basis, you could be feeling frustrated in seeing the number greatly fluctuate due to hormonal changes, sodium and other factors.

And if you weigh in once a year at your annual physical you can be losing accountability.

So weigh in once per week in the wee hours of the morning for an accurate reading and also to be aware of where you are, how far you have come and how far you have to go to reach goal!2

Do You Take Measurements?
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