7 Steps to a Weight Lifting Routine for Beginners ...


Weight training is an important component in any well-rounded exercise regime. While a cardio workout fortifies your heart and helps you to shed those extra pounds, a strength programme ensures that you’ll have beautiful sculpted muscles to show off once the weight is lost. If you’re just starting out in the world of fitness, it can be difficult to know which manoeuvres to focus on. To help you to kick off a successful body revamp, I’ve asked the experts and done some research, and compiled a list of 7 steps to a weight lifting routine for beginners.

1. Begin at the Beginning

As a newcomer to fitness and exercise, it’s very important that you don’t over-face yourself to start with. Trying to lift weights that are too heavy won’t result in speeding up the journey to defined arms, for example, but will, on the contrary, simply risk doing serious damage to your body. Always start small and gradually add weight as you build up your strength; remember that toning is about repetition and not mass, so unless you’re looking to develop Arnie-style guns, you won’t need to go much heavier that 5kg.

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