9 Simple Ways to Stay in Shape ...


You’ve finally reached your goal weight, and now you’re living your dream, wearing a size 8 when you used to be a 14, with more energy and less muffin top.

But now what?

What are the ways to stay in shape, the few simple rules you can follow to keep the weight off for good?

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Here are 9 simple ways to stay in shape, little tips and tricks with your workout and diet to keep you in those size 8 skinny jeans.

1. Cut Back on TV and PC Time

The bad news: sitting on your butt isn’t one of the ways to stay in shape. The good news: there is one incredibly easy way to stay off your butt, and that’s by limiting, literally with a time limit, the minutes you spend on the couch watching TV or using your computer. I’ve actually started multi-tasking for the 2 hours a week I watch TV, using that time to wash dishes (standing up and moving around) or fold laundry (also standing, with some bending and stretching involved).

2. Sneak in Exercise

I’m not saying you can totally skip the gym (see item 3), but another of the easiest ways to stay in shape, now that you’re fit, is to sneak in a little exercise when you can.

For instance, walk to the store, rather than driving.

Take the stairs at work, not the elevator.

Do calf raises while you’re standing in line at the grocery store.

Get creative, get sneaky, and get some exercise!

3. Make Time for Exercise

Even if you’re sneaking in exercise, you’ll still have to set time aside a few days a week for your no-muffin-top maintenance routine.

Unlike when you were trying to lose weight, you won’t have to work out at the gym every day, but rather just a few times a week.

Skip Fast Food
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