Gasp! You Can Be a Lazy Girl and Still Lose Weight ...


If youโ€™re innately lazy, you have to work doubly hard at losing weight, maintaining weight and keeping fit.

You have to dig deeper for motivation because you donโ€™t hate the gym - you just hate the thought of the effort it needs to even think about going there.

Well my lazy friend โ€“ I hear ya!

Loud and clear.

But despair ye not.

There is hope for us lazy girls because there are lazy ways to lose weight.

Donโ€™t believe me?

Read on!

1. Sneak Movement into Everything

If youโ€™re a lazy girl, one of the lazy ways to burn calories is to sneak as much movement into your everyday activities as possible.

Have to sit at a desk?

Tap your feet or raise your feet up off the ground from time to time.

Opt for stairs instead of elevators or escalators, or park a little farther from work, the grocery store, or other destinations.

Pace when talking on the phone, or squeeze a spongy ball.

Put things you need often in a place youโ€™ll have to reach to get to.

Every movement counts, so sneak in as many movements as possible.

Diet Only Twice a Week
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