Gasp! You Can Be a Lazy Girl and Still Lose Weight ...


If you’re innately lazy, you have to work doubly hard at losing weight, maintaining weight and keeping fit. You have to dig deeper for motivation because you don’t hate the gym - you just hate the thought of the effort it needs to even think about going there. Well my lazy friend – I hear ya! Loud and clear. But despair ye not. There is hope for us lazy girls because there are lazy ways to lose weight. Don’t believe me? Read on!

1. Sneak Movement into Everything

If you’re a lazy girl, one of the lazy ways to burn calories is to sneak as much movement into your everyday activities as possible. Have to sit at a desk? Tap your feet or raise your feet up off the ground from time to time. Opt for stairs instead of elevators or escalators, or park a little farther from work, the grocery store, or other destinations. Pace when talking on the phone, or squeeze a spongy ball. Put things you need often in a place you’ll have to reach to get to. Every movement counts, so sneak in as many movements as possible.

Diet Only Twice a Week
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