13 Absolutely Essential Exercises That Burn the Most Calories ...

Exercises that burn the most calories usually are the first thing that comes to mind whenever the topic of fast #weight loss pops into a conversation.

Well, can anyone really blame us for wanting to know how to burn calories fast?

Guess not!

Who’d like to beat around the bush when you can just jump straight to the point!

And the point is this – what are the best fat burning exercises out there and which numbers are we talking about here.

Well, let’s get to it and here are the answers you’ve been looking for:

1. Cycling

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An alpha and an omega of a good cardio training, a bicycle should definitely become one of your best friends!

Now, I know what you’re going to say and I must admit it’s not one of my faves either but just knowing that a person can burn up to 1000 calories per hour by simply cycling does sweeten up this deal!

But, let me put it in numbers – an hour of cycling at maximum intensity will help a woman of average weight (which is about 160 pounds) burn about 850 calories and the numbers are even higher for men (about 950)!

Not bad, huh?

Time to pay your bike a visit, I’d say.