7 Weight Loss Tips from Women around the World ...


If you’re trying to drop a few pounds this summer, try some of these weight loss tips from around the world instead of the traditional low-calorie diets we often hear so much about here in America. These weight loss tips from around the world won't only debunk every weight loss myth out there, but they'll also give you some insight about how to increase the nutrition in your diet. Be sure to give them all a try to see which ones work best for you!

1. Savor Your Food

One of my favorite weight loss tips from around the world comes from France. French women know what it means to savor their food by taking small bites and eating just enough to satisfy their cravings, instead of eating the entire package. This doesn't mean they eat indulgent foods all the time, but they don't restrict themselves from them either.

Eat Healthy Fats
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