7 Weight Loss Tips for Women over 40 ...


Why is it that you turn 40 and all of a sudden it seems like the fat cells multiply, and suddenly you're scrambling for weight loss tips for women over 40? Your waist seems to expand although you are eating and exercising the same as several years ago. So why is the number on the scale rising? As we get older and our metabolism slows down and weight loss becomes more of a challenge. But there are ways to lose weight despite the aging process. As a certified personal trainer, I have 7 weight loss tips for women over 40, to help you to lose weight and beat the over 40 bulge.

1. Exercise to Boost Your Metabolism

As we age we begin to lose muscle mass. This is one of the main reasons for our slowing metabolism. The more muscle mass we have the higher our basal metabolic rate. Adopting a regular exercise routine will not only help strengthen your body but will speed up your metabolism and burn more calories.

Stop Blaming the Hormones
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