Girl's Guide 📘 on How to Think 🤔 Your Way Thin ⚖️ ...


Do you want some ways to think yourself thin? Do you ever have those days when you are having lunch or dinner and give in to overeating, thinking, "Oh, who gives a shit?" University of Toledo psychology professor Janet Polivy calls it the "what the hell" effect and says it causes people to devour so much food that they feel they will never get back on track. The following are tips to change your mind and some ways to think yourself thin.

1. Think of Yourself as Already Thin

One of the best ways to think yourself thin is to think you're already there. Use a photo visualizer. Upload a photo of yourself to see what you would look like if you do lose weight. This is a SUPER thought motivator. Check out this visualizer tool:

Do Not Put Getting in Shape off until Summer!
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