8 Ways to Start Losing Weight without Exercise ...


How to lose weight without exercise? Well, there is no such thing as easy weight loss – I’m sure you’ve figured that out by now. Luckily, there are ways to help yourself eat less and, therefore, not only prevent packing on more weight but allow your body to burn some of it off through your normal, everyday activities. And in order to make your no exercise weight loss plan a good one, you’ll definitely need to check out these awesome tips:

1. Don’t Eat before Bed

You know that saying, "Never go to bed angry"? Well, as satisfying as it feels, you should never go to bed full either! Time your meals in a way that will allow to have at least 2 or 3 hours between sleep time and your last meal. This first on my list of tips on how to lose weight without exercise won’t only help you keep that unwanted pounds off your body but enable you to sleep better and feel lighter and more energetic! Now, don’t tell me you didn’t know overeating right before bedtime induces nightmares and heartburn!

Increase Your Non Exercise Physical Activities
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