10 Best Cardio Exercises for a Quick Weight Loss ...


10 Best Cardio Exercises for a Quick Weight Loss ...
10 Best Cardio Exercises for a Quick Weight Loss ...

Doing cardio for weight loss is a fantastic idea. In order to lose weight and keep it off in a healthy way, it’s crucial to combine good lifestyle choices with plenty of physical activity and exercise. You burn more calories when you get your heart rate up for a decent amount of time, which is why putting together a good cardio workout is so important. You can put together any combination of the following cardio exercises to create a workout plan that really works for you, and you’ll be surprised by some of the activities!

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When you’re looking into cardio for weight loss, bicycling is a terrific option. The best part is that it’s versatile, because you can do it inside or outside. Riding your bicycle outside is really invigorating though, and it’s fun so you hardly even feel like you’re exercising. You definitely are, though, and in such a way that you’ll really get your heart pumping.



You can do any kind of aerobics and get a great workout. Step aerobics are good, you can do water aerobics if you’re looking for something a little less intensive or if you’re new to it, but dance aerobics is something else. You’ll really get your heart going, and since you’re dancing, then again, you also have a ton of fun while you’re exercising. It’s a great all around workout as well, and will help tone your hips, your bum, and your legs.



Kickboxing is another excellent cardio exercise, and it can be a fantastic stress reliever too! If you prefer your workouts to have structure, even set routines to follow or movements to repeat, then it may also appeal to you. Kickboxing improves your coordination as well (note to self: start kickboxing), while increasing your flexibility. It’s a versatile sport, so either find a partner and head to the gym or learn some moves yourself with a fitness DVD you can do at home!


Skiing and Skating

Skiing and skating are two different sports, of course, but if you’re looking into cardio for weight loss, they’re both ideal. If you like winter sports, then skiing, whether it’s downhill or cross country, are both fantastic, as is ice skating. On warmer days, haul out your rollerblades and plug in your iPod. In any of these cases, you’ll be getting your heart rate up, toning your thighs, and firming your butt. What could be better?



If you have an Elliptical in your home or access to one through a gym, it will give you a fantastic cardio workout. Better still, you’ll benefit a variety of different areas. An Elliptical is somewhat better than a treadmill, simply because you have a lot of resistance and you’re working at an incline, which is great for the muscles in your legs. You’re also working on your arms, while the ability to go backwards adds some versatility.


Jumping Rope

I actually love to jump rope; it’s another one of those exercises that lets you have fun, too, so you’re able to do more of it. Don’t be afraid to take it slow if you’re not used to it. Don’t overdo it in the beginning either, even if you can only manage a few minutes, it’s still a great start. Work your way up to more, and spice things up by making a game of it, jumping in a pattern, or seeing how many times you can jump each minute.



Running is one of the best cardio exercises you can do. It’s really hard to get started, I know that – trust me, I know. But the effort is worth it, you’ll even feel better. It doesn’t matter how slow your start is, as you’ll see. It’s still a start, and any amount you can do is a victory.



If you like swimming, turn it into a great workout that targets your heart. It exercises your entire body, so you have the potential to get your pulse rate up and burn a lot of calories. Practice your strokes, keep cool in the heat, and again, even consider water aerobics if you want to enjoy the pool.



You can take advantage of a lot of cardio for weight loss when you use a rowing machine – or actually go rowing, for that matter. You can adjust your resistance, work your entire body, and target individual areas. If you skip over this one in the gym, give it a try the next time you’re there.



Now, although walking isn’t as intensive as running, it is still a fantastic workout and it’s a wonderful place to start. You have to work up your stamina somehow, and walking for longer and longer intervals is a great way to do it. Get your leg muscles strong, condition your body, and soon you can work up to jogging.

If you do cardio for weight loss, you can do more than shed some pounds; you can get fit, and that’s even more important. You’ll be improving your heart, your muscles, and even your mind. As you can see, many of these exercises can double as recreation, and like say, when you have fun, working out doesn’t feel like such a chore. What are some key components of your personal cardio workout?

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