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8 Fast and Effective Ways to Lose Weight before Summer ...

By Jennifer

Fast Effective Ways to Lose Weight — now's the time of year to start gathering them up, and using them, so by the time summer (and bikini season) gets here, you'll have lost those ten pesky pounds you gained over the holidays. But where, oh where, can a girl find fast effective ways to lose weight? Right here! I've made a list, checked it twice, and all of these fast effective ways to lose weight are nice!

1 Ban Fast Food

Fast food may be convenient, but it's loaded with empty, fatty calories... often, one meal can contain all of the calories you're supposed to consume in an entire day! Ban fast food... this is one of the most important, effective ways to lose weight, and it's so easy!

2 Ditch the Soda

Soda is also full of empty calories, these in the form of sugar (actually, high fructose corn syrup). It also contains nasty chemicals, especially the diet versions... so just ditch the soda! Drink water with lemon instead.


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3 Count 'em up

Weight loss truly is a simple math formula. It goes like this: if you want to lose weight, the calories you CONSUME must be less than the calories you BURN. So count up your calories every day, and see where you need to cut (in the consumption column) or add (in the burn column).

4 Take the Stairs

Want to burn a few more calories a few times a day? Take the stairs rather than the escalator or elevator. It's good exercise, burns a few extra calories, and is one tin step in being healthier and losing weight. Like any other good habit, it just takes willpower and practice.

5 Kick up the Cardio

If you already have a good cardio workout, kick it up a notch to make it an even more effective way to lose weight! Add a little more resistance on the elliptical, set a higher ramp on the treadmill, take a Zumba class in addition to your yoga class.

6 Add Weights

Here's another weight loss tip: add weights... to your workout! Almost any callisthenics, almost any cardio workout, can be kicked up by adding hand or ankle weights (or both).

7 Eat Smaller Meals, More Often

Is dieting rough because you're always hungry? Is your metabolism sluggish? Then boost your metabolism and bust hunger pains by eating five small meals a day, rather than three large ones.

8 Make Small Swaps

Swap your soda for water with lemon, your bland white bread with wholesome whole grains, your sugary cookies with fresh sweet berries... these small changes, and others like them, will help you peel away empty calories, stay fuller longer, and lose weight faster.

With so many fast effective ways to lose weight, and so many of them actually pretty simple, those ten pounds will melt away before you know it, maybe even in time for spring break! Hooray for fast effective ways to lose weight! Which of these easy weight loss tips will you implement today? Or do you have another tip to share? Please do!

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