10 Ways to Exercise While Commuting ...


There are a great many of us out there who live thirty plus minutes away from work, so we're always looking for ways to exercise while commuting. Whether you take the bus, underground, car, or jet pack, there are some great ways to get in a bit of exercise while commuting. Simple changes can be the difference between you and those weight loss goals. Here are a few quick and effective ways to exercise while commuting.

1. Park Farther Away

I know, I know, this has been one of the staple ways to exercise while commuting, or shopping, or anything else for years. Well, it is true. Parking farther away from your destination has been time tested to get our hearts working that little bit extra and will help keep joints healthy - even with that impending eight hour sit fest. If you use a parking garage, try parking on the second floor or a higher level for some extra work. Over time, that climb up those stairs can have some gravity defying effects on our posteriors.

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