7 Things to do on the Weekends That Can Help You Lose Weight Fast ...

Most of us associate weekends with lounging and being a little more lazy than normal, but weekends are actually a prime time to lose weight fast without hitting the gym at all. The weekend tends to be a little more lighthearted, since the stress from the work week has subsided a bit. Even though I work most weekends, I still have a completely different state of mind during the weekend. Weekends are a fun time to do things with friends or family that can actually help you lose weight fast, or just keep you active. If you’re trying to get a little more healthy this year, or just drop a few unnecessary pounds, check out these easy ways to lose weight fast on your weekends. You’ll see most of them can be really fun, and come Sunday evening, you’ll be glad you did these instead of spending it on your sofa!

1. Hiking

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Hiking is hands down one of the best, most fun things to do on the weekends that can help you lose weight fast. Hiking is a wonderful activity for a few reasons. First, it is slower paced than brisk walking or running, and you’re out in nature, so it doesn’t feel like you’re making a point to workout. It is a fun activity to do with others that burns major calories in the meantime. You can either just go hiking in a local park, or some nearby mountains or trails. Pack a lunch, make a day of it, and don’t be intimidated. If you’ve never done it, it’s really quite easy. Just make sure you have some water, sunblock and a great walking buddy and go to it for an hour or two. Hiking uses specific muscles that other forms of exercise don’t, plus it can help tone your body much better than running. This leads to great muscle mass and more weight loss.

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