The Real Reasons Why You Can't Outrun a Bad Diet ...


If you are working out for countless hours and still not losing weight, you need to analyze your diet. Chips, cookies, and an array of desserts are only hindering you from seeing the results from your efforts at the gym. You canโ€™t outrun a bad diet so you need to eat right. Your four mile run does not justify polishing off a box of cookies. So exercise your will power, get your workout in and have some lean protein post workout. If you focus on eating for your body needs rather than cravings you just may notice some major changes almost instantly. So ditch that sugary snack for an apple and stop trying to outrun a bad diet. If you need more convincing, check out the real reasons why you canโ€™t outrun a bad diet:

1. Voiding Your Workout

Just because you woke up and worked out early does not mean you can eat whatever you want throughout the day. A small treat will not break your diet but a list of bad food choices will. And then you will wonder why you sabotaged the results you could have earned. So think before you put something unhealthy into your mouth. Is it really worth it?

It is Not Just about Calories
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