How Using Smaller Plates Helps You to Lose Weight ...


Portion control is a simple, practical weight-loss strategy and, for this reason, it makes a lot of sense to a lot of people. Basically, the guiding principle is β€˜don’t eat too much,’ and in a bid to make this an easier axiom to implement, nutritionists have developed a series of specialised β€˜diet plates.’ However, whether you own one of these or not is, in the end, not that important. Anyone can practice portion control, and it’s as easy as downsizing your crockery. Research has shown that we serve ourselves according to the size of the tableware we use, so naturally, if we’re eating from a platter, we’ll be eating too much. I’ve done some research into what is becoming a global weight loss trend and compiled a list of reasons to start using a smaller plate.

1. It’s an Antidote to Oversized Portions

Over time, standard portion size has slowly increased, especially in pre-packaged foods. Items that would have been considered enormous ten or twenty years ago now look pretty average to many of us, and this has lead, naturally, to overeating. In short, super-sized servings have become β€˜standard’ and the small plate, carrying less food can help to redress this imbalance.

It Encourages Intelligent Eating
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