7 Healthiest Foods for Losing Weight ...


As I’m sure many of you keen dieters know, trying to eat healthily and keep the extra kilos at bay is not always easy. To start with, there are so many different food philosophies out there; every second nutritionist has a something completely new to say. As a result, we often find ourselves with crossed wires, so to speak, and following a bizarre amalgamation of eating regimes that in no way constitutes a balanced diet. It’s so important to remember that weight loss isn’t about calorie counting alone; it’s a matter of tailoring a well-structured, nutritious eating plan so that it helps you to achieve your goals. I’ve done some research in this vein and put together a list of 7 healthy foods for losing weight.

1. Rice Cakes

Participating in a weight loss routine does not mean that you should ditch the carbs altogether. In fact, part of your healthy lifestyle should include a substantial and regular work out, and for this, you’ll certainly need energy to burn. Rice cakes really are the dieter’s friend: eat them instead of bread, paired with salad and a low fat topping. They’re wheat-free (to help combat water retention), they’re calorific value is very low, and, made with brown, whole-grain rice, they’re packed with three B vitamins, phosphorous and iron.

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