8 Fun TV Show Workout Routines ...


The best way to work out is by doing a routine that's fun and entertaining, which is where fun TV show workouts come in handy! These workout routines can be a huge motivator if you commit to following the guidelines completely! It's also a great way to multi-task catching up on your favorite show. So instead of sitting on the couch the next time you're watching your reruns or new episodes of your favorite TV shows, try these fun TV show workout routines instead!

1. Pretty Little Liars

First up on our list of TV show workouts is none other than Pretty Little Liars! Whether or not you are willing to admit it, this show is one of those addicting shows that takes us all back to high school. Plus, watching the girls in their awesome outfits may be an extra boost for you to exercise! So whether you're newly addicted to the show and trying to catch up, or just having a marathon on a rainy day, get off the couch and feel better about sitting in front of the TV!

Theme song: Do high knees until it's over

When someone gets a text from A: 20 sit-ups

When someone says Ally's murder: 10 jumping jacks

When Garret is mentioned: 5 burpees

When anyone uses their cellphone: 5 squats

When Hanna shops: Do a plank until she's done shopping

When someone gets kissed: 10 lunges per leg

When someone cries: 10 squats

When someone tells a lie: 10 reverse crunches

Commercial break: Jog in place during first three commercials

New Girl
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