7 Filling Sources of Fiber to Help You Lose Weight ...

Fruits and vegetables are excellent filling sources of fiber to eat if you’re on a diet. Yet when it comes to fiber, sometimes even the most healthy fruits and vegetables fall slightly short in this important nutrient. Fiber lowers your blood sugar level, prevents digestive difficulties, ensures healthy cholesterol levels, and keeps you fuller longer to prevent overeating. Fiber is also calorie-free since it goes undigested through your body and helps to remove waste and harmful fats. To ensure you get plenty of this incredible nutrient, pack more of these filling sources of fiber below into your diet. Just be sure to keep all those tasty fruits and veggies in there too though!

1. Chia Seeds

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These superfood seeds are one of the incredibly filling sources of fiber, plus a great source of protein and omega 3s. No matter if you’re looking to supercharge your diet or not, chia’s whopping 6 grams of fiber per tablespoon is reason enough to sprinkle this special seed on whatever you can!

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