12 Best Xbox Kinect Games for Losing Weight ...

If you’re trying to lose weight but don’t want to hit the gym everyday, or are self conscious about working out in front of other people, check out some of the best Kinect games for losing weight. The Xbox Kinect tracks your movement and allows your actions to be translated to your on-screen avatar. While purchasing an Xbox system and a Kinect might be a bit pricey, it is actually cheaper than most yearly costs for a gym membership. There are a phenomenal amount of Kinect games that are fun and get you up off the couch and moving around. All of the games provide a fun and interesting way to exercise, but these are some of the best Kinect games for losing weight.

1. Zumba Fitness Rush

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Zumba Fitness Rush is one of the best Kinect games for losing weight because it takes the exercise dance craze of Zumba and allows you to groove to the beat, learn new dances and work your entire body all from home. Zumba is a fun and high energy workout that keeps you in the zone with fast paced music. This game also allows you to exercise with a partner, which really is a lot of fun. The Kinect tracks your movements to ensure that you are doing everything right and will help you get back on track if you should falter. You will love moving around your room burning calories with this awesome game!

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