7 Ways to Make the Treadmill More Fun ...


In my opinion, anything that makes exercising more fun is worth trying; at least once. I’ve always preferred to run outdoors along an old country road or just around the block a few times, as opposed to using a treadmill indoors. If you find yourself getting into a daily routine of running on the treadmill and feel it is becoming a tedious task, then you might like the tips I’ve listed below. Here are 7 ways to make the treadmill more fun.

7. Move the Treadmill outside

If I was fortunate enough to have a treadmill of my very own, I would totally put it outside on the back deck. I’d get to feel the breeze in my face, hear the chatter of the birds and squirrels in the trees, and enjoy fresh air as I trudged along on the ol’ treadmill.

Change up Your Routine
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