This is Why College Students 🏢🏫 Struggle to Lose Weight ⚖ Sometimes 😢 ...


Losing weight can be difficult for college students for a variety of different reasons.

It’s when the freshman 15 try to creep up too, so that can make it even more difficult.

But it’s not impossible.

It’s good to look at the reasons losing weight is a struggle so you can strategize ways to overcome them.

1. You Aren’t Sleeping Enough

Getting sleep during the college years is no easy task.

There’s a lot going on that can interfere with your sleep.

Staying up late to study or socialize is normal during this time in your life.

But recent studies show that getting less than 6-7 hours of sleep can contribute to being overweight.

So while you may not be able to get a good night’s rest every night, make it a goal.

Not only will you feel better but it’ll give your weight loss efforts a boost.

2. Mom Isn’t Cooking Your Meals Anymore

When you lived at home, you may have had your mom or dad cooking meals for you.

Home cooked meals are generally much lower calorie and lower fat than snacks, fast food or cafeteria meals, which are what the average college student lives on.

Home cooked meals offer a better nutritional punch, too.

It’s hard to work around this but do the best you can.

Try to make the healthiest choice possible wherever you eat.

3. You May Not Be as Active as You Were in High School

If you were active in some sort of high school sports when you were in high school then you were burning some or a lot of calories from participation.2

If you haven’t continued that interest into your college years then you’ve lost that advantage.

But there are other ways you can exercise.

Most colleges offer gym memberships at a low cost to students or perhaps even for free.

You can also walk around the campus for exercise or go to an exercise class with your friends.

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