7 Weight Loss Milestones ...


Whether you’re just considering starting a weight loss journey, or you’ve been pursuing your goal for a while now, chances are, you’ve got some goals in mind, and some milestones you want to reach to help you mark your progress.

Most of them tend to be built around pounds and inches, and while that can be helpful and encouraging, there are other things you can consider too!

Here are 7 of my weight loss milestones…

1. Start the Journey

Start the Journey

Photo Credit: WooDrew

Once you’ve started your weight loss journey, the first big milestones is your initial weigh in.2

it’s a benchmark, a baseline, something you’ll use to see how far you’ve come!

Bear in mind this is a starting point, and be honest with the number.

2. First Week

First Week

Photo Credit: Rudy Xiong

During your first week, you’ll hit another weight loss milestone: your first “I did it myself!” moment!

Whether it’s making it through the first tough workout, or preparing a home-made healthful meal, take pride in this set of “firsts.”

3. Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe Malfunction

Photo Credit: chrisrknits

After a couple of weeks, or maybe a month or two, you’ll likely hit your next milestone, the one I like to call Wardrobe Malfunction.

This is when you notice that your clothes are just too big… are they growing somehow?


You’re shrinking… and now your pants are too big.

Your skirts are too big.

Your SHOES are too big!

And you need to add a new hole to your belt… hooray!

4. The Compliment

The Compliment

Photo Credit: MisericordiaRulz101

Pretty soon after your Wardrobe Malfunction milestone, you’ll hit another very major one: someone will notice you’re losing weight!2

It doesn’t take long for this awkward compliment, but it does mean a lot.

Someone will say something like, “You look fantastic!” then they’ll pause and add, “Have you lost weight?” It’s sort of back-handed in a way, but it’s still marvelous to say YES!

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