21 Tricks to Lose Weight⚖ for Girls Who 😫Hate Dieting🙋🏼 ...


I hate, repeat hate, going on a diet.

I love food too much.

If I didn’t I wouldn’t have to diet so often!

I know all the rules for eating healthy and how to keep off weight I’ve lost but I am weak in the face of temptation.

I should learn to be more disciplined so I am going to take my own advice and start using these tips.2

1. Write Yourself an Inspiring Note

Take a piece of paper and write down your goal weight along with why you want to lose the weight.

Stick it the refrigerator and you will be greeted by it every time you go to open the door to pick up an extra snack and undo some of the good work that you have been doing.

My note is going to be “fridge pickers wear bigger knickers”.

2. Keep a Food Diary to Keep You on Track

Sometimes people don’t even know how much they are eating every single day.

Keep a food journal and you will soon see the problems areas that you can work on without even getting close to being ‘on a diet’.2

3. Add 10% to How Many Calories You Think You’re Consuming

It’s human nature to stay on the low side when estimating your calorie intake, so it’s a good tip to add 10% to that in your mind and then adjust your snacking preferences accordingly.

That little adjustment can really make a difference long term.

4. Find an Online Weight Loss Buddy to Help Inspire You

No weight loss journey is easy, especially when you are trying to do it alone.

Look online on different forums to try to find somebody who you can build a relationship with;

somebody who can act as a motivator and you for them as you both try to make sensible food and health choices.

Find a Mantra That Suits Your Personality
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