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Want to know the things to do throughout the day to lose weight?

Do you ever see the women that are naturally thin and feel an ounce of envy?

You probably automatically chalk it up to genetics before you even know the real truth.

For most of these women, they are active throughout the day, walking, eating healthy and getting to bed early.

There are so many things to do throughout the day to lose weight if you just make a conscious effort.

And all these things add up to a lower weight and a healthier, happier life.

So what are the things to throughout the day to lose weight?

1. Drop down and Give Me 20

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As you wake up, before you get up to brush your teeth and shower, drop down and give me 20 pushups, 20 crunches, 20 jumping jacks and if you have time, get outside for a 20 minute run.

This short workout is one of the best things to do throughout the day to lose weight.

And this is a great way to jumpstart the day!

2. Have Some Lean Protein

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Start your day the right way with a lean protein breakfast of eggs.2

Eggs are a nutritional powerhouse of protein to help curb your appetite and help you make better food choices throughout the day.2

Repeated studies have proven that people that eat lean protein at the start of the day weigh less, so start your day the lean way!

3. Use the Stairs at the Office

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Stop waiting in line for the elevator at work and start utilizing the stairs for a workout.

So what if your office is on the 7th floor?

Waiting in line at the elevator will do nothing for your waistline, so utilize the stairs.2

By staying active through the day you will burn calories and elevate your metabolism.

Get Active on Your Lunch Break
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