Slim Girl Tricks ✌🏼️ to Steal for People Trying to Eat 🍴 in Moderation πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ ...


Have you ever looked at the slim people around you and wondered what is their trick?2

Do they barely eat or eat small meals throughout the day?2

Or should you chalk this all up to good genetics?

Whatever it is that has kept them slim, it would be nice if you could be steered in their direction of achieving results.

As a certified trainer, I guarantee most of this comes down to living a life in moderation.

Life can include cake as long as it is a sliver.

There is so much greatness in this world and as long as we enjoy this in a tasting, we can slim down, get healthier and feel so much better!

1. Only the Weekends

All week you stick to eating healthy and monitoring all that you consume but on the weekends you let loose.

You allow yourself to enjoy meals out and not stress over every calorie.

This will give you balance and also prevent you from feeling deprived.

Now that is why your skinny friends are eating what they want when you dine out on a Saturday!

2. Start Your Day with Sweets

The latest studies stress that if you want something sweet, eat it early in the day because this is when your metabolic rate is at its’ highest.

Although I get this, I cannot imagine eating chocolate cake for breakfast.

I stick to protein for breakfast but if you want to follow this plan, indulge a little for lunch.2

You will still have the rest of the day to burn these calories off.

Burn baby burn!

3. Stick to a Schedule

Get on a regular schedule so you can lose and also feel better.

Studies show that people that eat on a regular schedule are leaner and have fewer mood swings.

This help your metabolic rate to run more efficiently so you can slim down!

Eat Portion Controlled Meals
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