Here's the Difference between Weight Loss and Fat Loss, Ladies!

Most people do not understand the difference between losing weight and losing fat.

In fact if you were to survey people in what they want to lose, the majority would probably answer that their goal was to lose weight rather than fat.

However, losing weight will not only slow down your metabolism but also cause you to lose muscle.

So you really want to lose fat because this will not affect your muscle and will boost your metabolic rate, rather than hinder it.

So ladies let me share with you the difference in lowering your body fat composition instead of just losing weight.

1. Not Just about the Number on the Scale

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If you just focus on the number on the scale, you are missing out on the profound world of muscle tone.

The number on the scale will not show you your body composition because this is simply your weight.

So have a trainer or specialist measure your muscle to fat ratio, then make changes in your life to lower this and you will lose pure fat which will literally transform your body.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Look at Your Muscle Tone