Why It's More πŸ‘ Important πŸ’‘to Count πŸ”’ Nutrients πŸ’Š Not 🚫 Calories 🍽 ...


Want to know why you should count nutrients not calories?

In the following YouTube video, Tami Torossian demonstrates how she was able to lose 15 pounds. She was able to lose the weight by stocking her pantry with certain staples that are common, inexpensive and tasty.

She shows how all it takes is a little imagination, sometimes putting together foods that sound like weird combinations, but are actually delicious combined. So cue up the video to learn more about why you should count nutrients not calories.

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Tami Torossian

Published on Feb 6, 2017

In review:

1. Bananas

Don't like them? Freeze them or mash them!

Frozen Berries
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