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Train Your Brain to Stop Thinking about Food if You're on the Road to Losing Weight ...

By Lydia

One of the most annoying aspects of going on a diet to try improve your health and lose weight is that when the one thing you need to do is avoid certain foods, the only thing you seem to be able to do is think about it, all the damn time! The best course of action is to put these thoughts out of your mind, but we all know that that is easier said than done when you are in the grip of big cravings. Here is how to stop thinking about food to lose weight.

1 Clear out the Fridge

The last thing you need is a constant reminder and temptation of foods that you used to eat but no longer can, so make the effort to clear your fridge out to get rid of memories of your old lifestyle, taking away the opportunity to grab a quick unhealthy snack when you crack!

2 Condition Yourself

This is a new lifestyle change for you, not a temporary switch before you can go back to your old ways, so what you have to do is start conditioning your body to simply not think about food as much as you used to. One way to do this is to keep yourself busy and fill your mind with so many other hobbies and interests that you eventually end up putting food on the back burner in your mind.

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3 Walk

One great trick to try to get food out of your mind is to head out for a walk whenever the temptations get too strong at home. There is nothing you can do to satisfy your mental cravings when you are in the middle of a scenic park, where there is no fridge or cupboard in sight! Eventually, by denying these cravings whenever you get them, you will start to not even get them in the first place.

4 Hydrate

You would be really amazed by just how many people mistake thirst for hunger and then overeat as a result. Make the effort to be as hydrated as you can be on a regular basis, which a nice water bottle by your side at all times. If you were dehydrated before, you will find that you think about food a lot less because your body will be satisfied in that way it was craving all along.

5 Lemon and Water

Following on from the water and hydration, one extra way to make bring your more satisfaction on this front is by drinking hot lemon water throughout the day too. The lemon in the water will give you a slightly more food-based experience, but an important one that isn’t unhealthy or unproductive.

6 Sex!

You know what feels even better than food? Sex! Make the effort to have more lovemaking in your weekly routine. The more you are getting down and dirty with a willing partner, the less you will be thinking about eating! It’s all about taking one unhealthy craving and replacing it with one that not only takes your mind off of food but also can help to improve your stamina and body!

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