I Thought I Wasn't Losing Weight, but then I Stopped Exercising ...

“I thought I wasn’t losing weight, but then I stopped exercising!” That’s right. How many times have you finally gotten off of your butt and started exercising, and it seemed like nothing is changing? You are relentless. You’re out there day after day running, lifting, squatting, and stretching. You have been at it for weeks, even months! You have gotten so addicted to exercise, you run in the snow, the rain, and even the blazing heat. But, dammit! You still don’t see any changes! That is, until you stop.

Exercise and getting actual results can play games with your mind. Again, you can be dedicated and disciplined and still not “see” any results. Your mind tells you, you are wasting your time working out based on a deceptive appearance. What is really happening is, sometimes the results are so gradual, you can’t see them. However, I guarantee you will see them if you stop exercising. And, trust me, it won’t be good. Blubber, fat, and a squishy gut will surely make its way back! What’s a girl or guy to do?

1. Ignore What You See

You really have to ignore what you see. Body changes take a while to show up in the mirror. If you are checking your butt and arms every day, it is hard to see any changes. You are better off covering your mirrors or walking by without looking. You can even set your calendar to check yourself out every 30 days instead of every 30 seconds. The changes will be more obvious and pronounced. Ok, you can still look in the mirror to do your hair, but you know what I mean. Stop staring at yourself! I’m telling you, if you stop exercising out of frustration, you will turn to mush! And, that is how you will find out the hard way, that you really were making progress. Notice I said, “were.”