The 15 Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes ...


The 15 Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes ...
The 15 Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes ...

When it comes to successful weight loss, there are so many differing and contrasting opinions online about how to do it, that it is no surprise lots of people make the wrong decisions and don’t get the kind of results that were hoping for! It is very easy to do two things right but then overlook four or five things that you are doing wrong at the same time. It’s a fine balancing act, and I think you should focus more on what you shouldn’t be doing and then the what you should be doing will come more naturally. Here are the fifteen most common weight loss mistakes.

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Low Impact Exercise

You’re not going to get much benefit from just cruising on the elliptical machine a couple of times a week. To drop pounds quickly, it’s all about the high intensity interval work that gets your heart pumping and your metabolism racing.


Eating Less, but Not Healthier

Sure, cutting calories is good, but if you are just eating less of the same unhealthy foods, you are obviously not going to be changing your body through improved nutrition.


High Expectations

Don’t make the mistake of expecting to lose a stone a week and have your journey wrapped up in 21 days. If your expectations are too high and not met, you run the risk of getting disheartened and falling back into old habits.


Same Workout

You have been doing the same workout routine for a long time now, and your body has gotten used the ways it affects it, meaning that your muscles and metabolism aren’t being tested as much.



You are either eating too much protein or not enough! Protein is something that a lot of people tend to get wrong, so make sure to do your portion research.



You are torturing yourself in order to drop a few pounds rather than finding a system and method that you actually enjoy. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that weight loss has to be a bad time.



If you work out too hard and too often, you won’t give your body a chance to rest and recover and get to actually going through the process of losing weight in a healthy way.


Banning Treats

If you are too strict with yourself and ban all and any treats, you will be miserable and you will also put yourself at more risk of caving in and binging on occasion.



You need to make sure that you get enough sleep, because if your body isn’t fully rested in a regular basis, you won’t have enough energy for effective weight loss.


Ignoring Hunger

Don’t ignore your body’s hunger cues. Just make sure that you satisfy the cues with healthy snacks rather than junk.



Don’t expect to have the same results as someone else when copying their diet, because each person is totally different and what works for them might not work for you.


Exercise Excuse

Don’t use exercise as an excuse for over eating. The whole point is to create as big of a calorie deficit as possible!


Scales Focus

Don't focus too much on the number you see on the scales because the number doesn’t always show you things like inches lost and health improved.


Drinking Calories

Don’t work hard on your food diet only to ignore the calories that you drink through things like alcohol and sodas. They are the worst types of hidden calories.


All or Nothing

Try not to have an all or nothing mindset, because even if you only lose 6 pounds when you were aiming to lose 10, that is still an impressive loss in a short time! Any loss is a positive.

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