20 Weight Loss Tips and Tricks That Work ...


Whether you’re starting a new diet, or just hit a plateau and want to try something new, you’re probably desperate for a few weight loss tips and tricks to get you going or get you over the hump. Well, my dear, I can help! I’ve gotten loads of helpful advice from my own personal trainer (hi Ken!) and even my fitness and nutrition instructor, and I’ve love to share what I learned. Here are 20 marvelous weight loss tips and tricks that work. I’ve tried them all… they really do work!

1. Sneak in Exercise

Yes, you’re going to have to exercise to lose weight, and yes, it’s important to set aside time every day to work on your fitness, but here’s a weight loss trick that will help you along — it totally counts if you sneak in exercise, too. Some examples: calf raises while you’re standing in line at the bank or grocery store, or making your kids giggle while spending quality time with them on the trampoline.

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