10 Stellar Ways to Get a Bikini Body for Summer ...


10 Stellar Ways to Get a Bikini Body for Summer ...
10 Stellar Ways to Get a Bikini Body for Summer ...

There are lots of ways to get a bikini body. It’s pretty safe to say that at this point, summer is firmly here and ready to spice up your life, but that is only, of course, if you are willing to let it! If you haven’t quite managed to shift those extra pounds that the long ago holiday season gifted to you, then the prospect of getting your body out for the entire beach to see can be incredibly daunting. There is no need to worry, though, because getting that bikini ready body, even at short notice, is still achievable when you know all of the tips and tricks. If you have been slacking off a little bit in your summer glow up project, then here are ten ways to get a bikini body that you are going to love.

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Get Moving

It doesn’t matter what you do, what matters is that you get moving! Running, walking, swimming, cycling, dancing - pick anything that makes you move and start to do more of it! This is one of the best ways to get a bikini body.



Make the swap from sugar to stevia and you can save a lot of calories per day. Its lack of high fructose corn syrup means that it is much healthier for you if you crave sweetness.


Be Happy

It’s not all about physical improvement, it can be about mental improvement too. The happier you are in general, the more relaxed and accepting you will be of your own body.


Healthy Cooking

Take the time to learn how to cook healthy, balanced and nutritious meals for yourself. This can make a huge difference because you are aware of exactly what you are putting into your body.



I’m not talking about the childhood rope game; I’m talking about skipping dessert when you know that you are have already had enough food for dinner! Just avoiding that one overindulgence can make such a difference to your body.



You should add more protein to your diet. Research shows that if you eat more lean protein like tuna, salmon, tofu, eggs and almonds, you will burn more fat and calories.


Healthy Swaps

Try to swap one food out for a healthier option whenever you get the chance, so extra virgin olive oil instead of butter, sparkling water instead of soda, salsa instead of cheese sauce etc.



There’s no getting away from it, you have to eat your greens! They are fresh, vibrant and healthy and their antioxidant levels can do wonders for improving your metabolism and immune system.



Look to eat more foods that are high in omega-3s, as not only will they help to boost your metabolism and keep your body fit and healthy, but they can also make you smarter! Real brain food!



No matter how few or how many of these tips you decide to follow, the key is to commit 100% to the summer body project! The harder you try, the harder your abs will be by the time you hit the beach!

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