8 Fun Ways to Exercise This Summer ...

During winter, I have no problem getting motivated to get to the gym, but in the summer, I hate being stuck inside to exercise! That’s why I try my best to exercise outside, but how? A little chat with my personal trainer about cardio and weight-bearing exercise, and I have a plan! Here’s a list of a few fun ways to exercise this summer…

1. Swim

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Swimming is excellent exercise, great cardio and with very little pressure or hardship for your joints. Almost anyone can reap the benefits of swimming, and what better time to try it and burn calories than swimming outside? Just make sure to wear sunscreen.

2. Chase the Kids

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If you’re doing something that gets your heart thumping, hard, for twenty minutes in a row, it’s exercise, and it counts! That includes chasing your kids around the back yard, but the key is, you have to KEEP MOVING, no breaks in-between! It’s fun, but it’s exhausting!

3. Garden

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I’m not sure exactly how many calories you can burn while pulling weeds and planting flowers, but think about it: bags of fertilizer are heavy. Swatting mosquitoes takes fine motor skills. Bending to pull weeds is good for flexibility… see? Gardening can be a very fun way to exercise this summer, and your yard will look lovely!

4. Walk after Dinner

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Make it a habit to take a brisk walk after dinner, either alone or with a friend or your dog, and you’ll meet your neighbors, raise your heart rate, and spend some QT with your sweetie or puppy. If you take your walk after dinner, it will be cooler than trying to walk during the heat of the day, too!

5. Walk in the Morning!

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If you’re not able to take your walk at night after dinner, try it in the morning instead, before the heat of the day. What a wonderful way to start your day, invigorated and happy!

6. Start a Summer Buddy Program

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If you’re having a hard time finding fun ways to exercise this summer, you might want to try and get a neighborhood work-out buddy program going. You can encourage each other, share ideas, and get motivated all together… fun!

7. Multi-task

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If you’re worried about finding the time to exercise this summer, you might need to figure out a way to multi-task. Take the kids to the park, and chase them around. Clean house, intense-style (PUSH that vacuum!). Park as far away as you can at the grocery store, then jog in. You get the idea!

8. Join a Gym with LOTS of Windows!

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If worst comes to worst, and you just can’t squeeze in a work-out at home or on the go, feel free to stick to your routine at the gym, but try and take advantage of the elliptical machines near the windows! Then you’ll feel like you’re outside but you still have the structure of the gym.

Now that you’ve seen my personal trainer-approved list of fun ways to exercise this summer, how do you think you’ll get your cardio? Or do you have another fun activity to burn calories and get your heart thumping? Do tell!

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